Housing the Poor. A Study of High Density Poor Environments

This is an article that served as a presentation in a local conference, and later was published in a scientific bulletin (the chores of a correct research around here). It was chosen as a slightly closed subject on the topic of living within dense environments, and especially in extreme conditions.

Issue 2/2012 – Transactions on Hydrotechnics

Figure 4. A transformation study of slums in Rio de Janeiro, using and converting existing slum patterns


Future Adaptive Architectures of High Density

The first article I wrote specifically for my current research was about future high density architectures that could act as adaptive structures. It was featured in the Arhitectura magazine in November. Now, after the actual contact with the printed magazine, it’s the weirdest thing to imagine how much work still lies ahead…

Monolithic spatial growth / fine-grained spatial growth

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